Yoga and You: The Therapeutic Benefits of Movement

You’ve probably heard of yoga before today. After all, hundreds of millions regularly practice yoga as a hobby, as a relaxation technique, as an exercise substitute, or even as a form of physical rehabilitation. If you’ve been wondering whether yoga is right for you, this article goes over a few of the reasons why you should consider trying out this physical discipline for your self-betterment.

woman doing yoga

Yoga Is For Everyone

As mentioned earlier, yoga is practiced by many people across the globe and that’s because it can be as intense or as pleasant as you need. To start out, you’ll need a yoga program as prescribed by an expert, some comfortable workout clothes and preferably a yoga mat to cushion your floor space. A good program will start you off with basic stretches and poses but these are the foundations which you will use to build more complex techniques. Don’t be fooled though: these basics will challenge you at every point of your journey.

Yoga Is For Your Mind and Body

There’s not a lot of movement to see in yoga when you compare it to an outdoor jog or even to a session on the treadmill. Instead, your energy is all being channeled into your inner focus. Maintaining a pose isn’t just seeing if your muscles and ligaments can physically take the pressure but your inner focus also has to contend with the temptation of an idle mind. To stop at any point because of the unfamiliar sensation you might have is one of the most common obstacles you will face in practicing yoga. If you’ve ever seen someone chanting while doing their forms though, try to copy it and see if it works out for you too. That’s just one of the techniques you can use to maintain your focus. Plus it also actually increases your heart rate when you verbally sound off, making you burn more calories during the session.

three women doing yoga poses

Yoga Is Fun

As with most exercises, you can do it by yourself or you can be surrounded by like-minded individuals that want to improve their lives too. Following a routine alongside other people makes it easier to maintain and can even become a highlight of your week that you can look forward to. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time with people with the same interests after all?

If what you’ve read so far has piqued your interest, then feel free to join in on Masahista Healing Hands’ very own therapeutic yoga classes! Starting on July 7 our very own Kathleen Ochoa, an expert yoga instructor with 14 years of experience, will be holding classes twice a week at our studio. The classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10 AM to 11 AM. To sign up, contact us on our website here, call us at 780-444-4050, or tell us during your next visit. Reserve your spot quickly; there’s only a limited amount of slots per class!

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