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Service Areas:

  • • Edmonton
  • • Stony Plain
  • • Spruce Grove
  • • St. Albert
  • • Sturgeon County

Mobile Massage

Also known as ‘home service massage’, we accommodate locations like houses, hotels, and business and sports facilities. Please call 780-444-4050 or send us a quick e-mail below to start your booking process!

We CAN and we WILL come to you, we are MOBILE! Winter is coming so soon and if travelling just to get a break from a busy lifestyle is a hassle, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

Friendly guidelines before booking your appointment:

  1. PARKING – Please ensure there is ample parking in the vicinity as we will be bringing our portable massage table with us.
  2. SETTING-UP – We will set-up the massage table according to your preference;it could be in your bedroom, living room, dining room, or basement. It’s your call! For the best enjoyment of your session, please ensure there is enough room for the massage therapist to move around.
  3.  MUSIC – Your massage therapist is equipped with the clinic’s relaxation music. If preferred, we can also use your own playlist!
  4.  EQUIPMENT – Your massage therapist will be bringing massage sheets and lubricants (oil, cream, gel, or lotion). If a specialty massage has been requested (Cupping Therapy, Thai Massage), you do not have to worry about anything. All you need to do is be on the table and relax!
  5.  PAYMENT – For mobile massages, we accept cash, e-transfers, PayPal, and direct billing. For more information about direct billing, please click here. Your invoice will be e-mailed to you automatically!
  6.  GET PAMPERED – This is your home;Relax and enjoy your massage treatment 🙂 No need to travel, let us come to you! See you soon!

**Please note: All prices include travel charges and are subject to 5% GST. Travel fee includes travel time and all portable equipment.

Service Areas:

  • • Morinville
  • • Nisku
  • • Beaumont
  • • Leduc
  • • Sherwood Park


Talk to us!

Relaxation-Therapeutic Combination

Light to medium pressure; less to none elbows used; a massage for pure relaxation combined with techniques to alleviate muscle strain/soreness

60 minutes, 125.00

75 minutes, 140.00

90 minutes, 165.00

120 minutes, 205.00

Deep-Therapeutic Combination

Medium to deep pressure; includes trigger point therapy, myofascial release, reflexology. Specific strokes applied on painful and/or sore spots built up over the years – perfect for chronic muscle pain, nerve impingement (tingling, sharp numbing pain, etc.)

60 minutes, 130.00

75 minutes, 145.00

90 minutes, 175.00

120 minutes, 215.00

Sports Massage

Perfect for athletes, athletes who are recovering from an injury, and the physically active. We help you with pre-event and post-event sports massages.

60  minutes, 135.00

75 minutes, 150.00

90 minutes, 180.00

120 minutes, 225.00

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

A combination of deep tissue massage, passive stretching, and acupressure points – increasing muscle and joint ranges of motion. Most suitable for bodies with lots of muscle tension, suffering from stress and fatigue.

60 minutes, 135.00

75 minutes, 150.00

90 minutes, 180.00

120 minutes, 225.00

Cupping Therapy

A long-practiced treatment that uses special glass cups. These cups are placed on the skin and function as “vacuums” which aid in faster muscle relaxation, reducing inflammation and local pain.

60 minutes, 140.00

75 minutes, 155.00

90 minutes, 190.00

120 minutes, 235.00


Hands and/or Feet Massage

Don’t leave your limbs unattended. Add this to any of our selected Table Massages.

Head and Neck Massage

Hypertonic neck muscles and TMJD (temporomandibular disorder) need more time and attention. Add this to any of our selected Table Massages.

20 minutes, 25.00

25 minutes, 30.00

30 minutes, 35.00

Student Massage

Have you used up all your massage benefits for this year? WORRY NO MORE and enjoy our future RMT’s works! Save up and aid our students succeed in their chosen field.

60 minutes, 104.00

75 minutes, 116.00

90 minutes, 140.00

120 minutes, 172.00

Questions? Talk to us!

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